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AVI Education Program
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The AVI Education Program Summary

The American Veterans Institute (AVI) education program will spotlight the service, sacrifice and civic contributions of our nation’s GIs. The program will be tied to the achievements of the American Veterans Hall of Honor inductees and to the American Veterans Research Library collection. The major components of this initiative are:

  1. An educational book series and accompanying classroom and take-home activities;
  2. Lesson plans, digital presentations, parent-child activities, in-house displays and exhibits (once the facility in Auburn, IN is finished), all focusing on the historic role of America’s military, the individual achievements of American GIs, and practical youth leadership skills for K-12.
  3. Leadership seminars and curriculum for business professionals and organizations.

To participate in the development of the education program components, please write to:

[email protected]

To read more about the education program, click here.


Hey Teachers! We Want YOU!

Are you a teacher with unique ideas for honoring veterans or teaching American military history in the classroom? Do you have special classroom activities for Veterans Day or Memorial Day that you would like to share? Do you have a student who has done something meaningful on behalf of veterans?

We would love to hear from you and share your lessons and activities with America!

We have four age ranges to which you can submit your suggestions, information or stories:

  • Kindergarten through Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade through Sixth Grade
  • Junior High
  • High School

Please send your concepts to: [email protected]

Are you a company or individual that would like to provide support for the development of veteran-oriented curriculum and leadership seminars? Contact AVI at [email protected] and please specify “Education Program” in the subject line.

Keep checking this area of our site, as AVI is actively developing its education & leadership curriculum and programming. Thank you for supporting our veterans!

"Embracing Freedom" Book Series - View Samples


The American Veterans Institute's Embracing Freedom series is now being used by several school districts in Ohio and Indiana. The goal of the series is to give young people an early appreciation for American History and to help them begin to seek out the history makers in their own families. The series encourages development of Language Arts skills and is tied to a leadership/character component that instills in students the belief that THEY can be leaders in their own lives. ALL programming will be tied to state Academic Content Standards. The books are written with relatable characters and situations so that youngsters can see our veterans and GIs as real people, such as parents, grandparents, neighbors and other familiar individuals.

Books and lesson plans/activity sheets are made available to schools as funding becomes available. The goal is to provide all materials to schools at no charge. Generous donations by the Miami County Foundation and the Tipp City Community Foundation have allowed AVI to produce books and develop curriculum. We thank both organizations for their support and encouragement.
We are currently seeking funding to produce books and lesson plans for the 2008-2009 school year for all districts that request them. To take a peek at the books currently in production or under development, please click on one of the selected pages below:
Welcome Home Grandpa -- Veterans Day and Vietnam
Copyright American Veterans Institute, 2008.
Copyright American Veterans Institute, 2008.
Copyright American Veterans Institute, 2008.
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To find out about sponsoring one or more books, sets of lesson plans, or other aspects of the education program, write [email protected]

Lesson Plans and Activities

In order to access a downloadable PDF, please click on the lesson plan topic you wish to download.


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