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The American Veterans Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Donations to the organization are tax-deductible, within the current rules & restrictions of the IRS.


The American Veterans Institute seeks to individualize the American perspective on military service by touching the lives of those who have served…and by sharing their stories and legacies with the general population. We will achieve our mission through a three-pronged approach of Celebration, Preservation and Education. Each component of our mission is linked to one or more of these prongs:

A. To honor and acknowledge America’s military veterans through local, regional and national initiatives, celebrations, or memorials designed to draw attention to the service and sacrifice of our nation’s armed forces.

B. To acknowledge and perpetuate the legacies of America's military veterans, by preserving their achievements, leadership skills, and personal recollections through a variety of methods that allow for access, research and enlightenment for all.

C. To promote and encourage a greater appreciation of the significance of military service in shaping the economic, social, and innovative aspects of America and, in so doing, create a stronger relationship between the general public and America’s veterans.

D. Develop programs and support initiatives designed to inform and assist veterans in such arenas as VA benefits, specifically the VA Improved Pension program, professional advancement, and personal growth.

E. To seek and identify financial resources (donations, grants, endowments, etc.) which will help establish programs and projects that educate young and old alike on the manner in which military service and training has enriched America. Create leadership classes that can be applied in the civilian sector, in classroom situations and business settings.

F. To establish and maintain a network of communications (via direct mail, an internet web site, a quarterly magazine and numerous other avenues) between veterans, their families, their descendants, veterans’ advocates, educators, and those interested in veterans issues and American military history topics.

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