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The American Veterans Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Donations to the organization are tax-deductible, within the current rules & restrictions of the IRS.


Become part of something unique…something bigger than yourself! Help the American Veterans Institute achieve its mission of celebration, preservation and education! Let our veterans know you support them and appreciate their service and sacrifice!

Select a goal and help us make it a reality! Contact us at [email protected] for more information, or to donate or participate:

Web Link – A dynamic web presence that links veterans nationally. This project will assist veterans in finding resources and information, and will generate dialog between veterans and civilians. A key goal of the site is to encourage civilian participation and help dispel lingering misconceptions about military service;

OWH Templates - Templated Operation Welcome Home & Memorial packages for communities across America. These packs will contain documents and guides to help communities and organizations initiate their own OWH or other types of veteran-related celebrations. This goal also features a templated material pack for communities seeking to establish a veterans memorial or monument.


OWH Participation - Hands-on support for communities holding an OWH or related celebration. This includes support with national publicity, marketing, planning, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, etc.


VA Benefits Support - Create a service bureau that assists veterans with VA benefits questions. The initial goal is to develop a dedicated call-in line along with an e-mail service available 2-3 days a week where veterans or surviving spouses can call to get prompt, accurate, up-to-date information on VA benefits, specifically the Improved Pension program for disabled (non-service-connected) veterans and their widows. The goal is to provide a soup-to-nuts service that guides veterans and fills out the necessary paperwork free of charge.


American Veterans Hall of Honor – AVI will work with an existing military or veteran-oriented organization to establish the American Veterans Hall of Honor. Here the military and civilian contributions of America’s veterans will be celebrated and preserved, and individual veterans or veterans organizations will be recognized for making a difference.


American Veterans Research Library – AVI will tie this research facility to the Hall of Honor. This library will establish a veteran publications repository, where books, manuscripts, articles, letters, and journals written by veterans about their service and contributions will be preserved for historians, students and educators.


Speakers Bureau – AVI will establish a speakers bureau that offers a broad cross-section of dynamic presenters for any occasion.


Professional Support – AVI will work with other groups to establish veteran business organizations or projects. These will support veterans in their efforts to start their own companies, seek out venture capital, explore government contracting, and/or develop their professional skills.


Leadership Skills - Develop and implement programming based on military leadership qualities and philosophies. These classes and seminars would emphasize positive character traits such as ethics, duty, courage, citizenship, loyalty, attention to detail, organization, and tenacity, among many other lessons.


USVet Magazine - An informational/educational publication directed at veterans and their civilian supporters. This publication will offer a cross section of compelling historic profiles, information about national programs and services (provided by all veterans service groups), opportunities for civilian participation, as well as articles on professional growth or mentoring opportunities etc. for veterans.

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