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Our Sponsors:  Special Thank you to  DaytonDefense for underwriting 1,000 tickets for our men and women in uniform!  Our profound gratitude to our other supporters: Bob Evans Restaurants; National Amusements/Showcase Cinemas; Cox Radio; Berry Family Foundation; Roger Thomas, Tipp City; Jim Coffman, Riverside, OH.  We ask that you thank these patriotic individuals and businesses for their support of our men and women in uniform and show them your gratitude by giving them your business!

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Supplemental Material:  Teachers who are sharing lessons that deal with diversity and the role of blacks in the military should click here to download a wonderful document written in 1990 by the Department of Defense and endorsed/approved by General Colin Powell. This detailed document offers great information for all ages on the role of African Americans in all branches of the Armed Forces. It features stories of individuals, units, a calendar of "firsts," achievements in all American conflicts as well as facts, figures, charts and other information. "Must" reading for all history classes!

Note:  AVI officials are working to tie lesson plans to the state standards in all states in which the books are used.

Click Here to find out about the exciting AVI Education Program.

Click Here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Click Here to see our Associated Press/USA Today story!


Check back for new lesson plans and new states.

Teachers: if you adapt a lesson plan to your state academic content standards, please send a copy to us so we can add it to the list and put your name in contention for a $50 gift certificate for classroom supplies.

One of the goals of the American Veterans Institute is to establish a virtual facility for the American Veterans Hall of Honor and the American Veterans Research Library AND a physical facility for the two AVI projects. Stay tuned because the virtual facility is coming soon --- AND through our partnership with the World War II Victory Museum in Auburn, IN, we are working to establish the physical facility as well!

AVI is working with the Victory Museum, to develop and implement plans for the National Military History Center (NMHC). The NMHC will contain not only the popular World War II Victory Museum, but also museums that preserve America’s military history from the Revolutionary War to the present. AVI is proud to announce that we are developing plans to house the American Veterans Hall of Honor and American Veterans Research Library at the Indiana facility, as well.

To download information about the American Veterans Hall of Honor and Research Library, click here. 

To download a strategic plan for the National Military History Center, click here.

To sponsor the virtual or physical facility, please write for additional information to: [email protected].


American Veterans Institute (AVI) works to make certain no soldier is ever forgotten or trivialized by the nation he or she is fighting for.

Special effort is made to spotlight and perpetuate the legacies of America's military veterans.


AVI promotes and encourages a greater appreciation of the significance of military training, service and leadership skills.

Creating programs that educate the public on how military service and training have enriched American society, is one of AVI's primary goals. More...

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Regional, professional business associations and veteran support networks allow AVI to assist veteran-run companies.

Programs such as Operation Welcome Home, allow AVI to promote public support of veterans and highlight the importance of the contributions made by all members of the armed services.



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