The American Veterans Institute
"Serving Those Who Served With Honor"

Who We Are..

The American Veterans Institute was founded in 2004 and received its IRS 501(c)(3) designation in 2006.  American Veterans Institute officials work to honor and acknowledge veterans while sharing their stories and legacies with the civilian population. We achieve our mission through Celebration, Preservation and Education.

What We have done... 

Project Vet Assist -- Between 2005 and 2010, we operated Project VetAssist, a program that helped elderly and disabled veterans across the United States secure the VA's Improved Pension. Many of our materials and step-by-step guides are still being used by VFWs, Legions, and other veterans' organizations across the country. We continue to assist veterans at the state and local level. 

Operation Welcome Home -- It began as a long overdue tribute to America’s Vietnam veterans (Las Vegas, Nov. 10-13, 2005) and has become a tribute to ALL who serve America. Operation Welcome Homes have been held at the national level (2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011) and at local & regional levels across the country. We provide templated materials and information to those seeking to hold Operation Welcome Home celebrations.

Gift of Remembrance -- we developed a special guide and step-by-step assistance for helping adults and children learn how to interview and preserve the stories of individual veterans in their families and communities.

History is About Me - a K-12 education project (that has been tested in Ohio and Indiana school districts) that uses stories from individual veterans to energize young people toward studying American history. Includes the Embracing Freedom book series and interactive lesson plans tied to state academic content standards.

Embracing Freedom Series - an eight part book series, featuring lesson plans tied to state academic content standards. Three books have been completed and shared with schools in Ohio and Indiana.
Brothers At War -- we brought the acclaimed film, its director and producer to Dayton, Ohio in a cooperative effort with Dayton Defense and gave away over $9,000 in free movie tickets to our active duty and retired military connected to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

We have assisted such facilities as the National Military History Center, the Dayton VA and others in developing strategic plans for veteran-friendly initiatives, museums and projects. We are currently supporting Ohio University in its efforts to develop and maintain a "veteran-friendly" campus

A Vietnam Veteran offers a proud salute during the California Operation Welcome Home in 2006. The American Veterans Institute assisted with this Antelope Valley based celebration and participated in the event.